Start To Run Into The Trees

I recently did a photoshoot for an up and coming magazine. The shoor took place in South-East London on a freezing Saturday morning in the middle of the woods. The hair and make up were inspired by Luella S/S 10 and the shoot itself, to me, was reminiscent of Mulberry's 09 campaign.
All clothes & accessories: Vintage


I Haven't Thought Of You Lately At All

recently, I've found myself to be quite detached from fashion. I've been shopping and looked at all the latest offerings from New York fashion week and I still cannot connect to it like I did last season. The reason to me is obvious and I don't want to keep talking about it but it changed the view I have on fashion, maybe not for long but certainly for now.
I decided to not do what I usually do (review quite a few shows from each fashion week) but just go with it. If there's something nice I'll post it, I don't have much time or care for negativity. This thought brought me right to Proenza Schouler and their departure from the nu-rave-surf aesthetic into a grown-up school chic. When I first saw the collection I immediately though of Taylor Momsen with her love for thigh-highs, gothic lips and bleach hair: all elements combines on the catwalk created a great look. As for the clothes, simplicity ruled with statement scribble print that added a care-free element to the otherwise stern outfits. This collection is exactly what I want to wear today and not next season as it incorporates style and a sort of warmth without compromise on flirtiness and comfort (as long as we discard the hosiery that is).


This Is The Beginning Of What Will Mark The End

No amount of words or clever metaphors can come close to describing how sad Lee McQueen's death is, not just to the fashion world and his family but also to individuals that truly admired his work and him as a person. He was the most talented British designer. I, amongst others, loved every creation thought up by his wonderfully strange mind.


It Was Not Your Fault But Mine And It Was Your Heart On The Line

It took a long time but I'm finally here. Indeed, it's time for me to tell why I disliked, well, Chanel. I understand that saying you don't like Chanel is like saying air isn't necessary for life in the fashion world but their couture show was just so...blah. Do you wonder what Coco Chanel would say about her brand now? Sure, it's about evolving with the times except it needs to remain, at least, nice. For the first time in my fashion life (around 3 years) have I had negative thoughts towards Chanel and to be honest this collection just pissed me off. It floated somewhere between dowdy and Lolita land whilst the fabric, in many cases, remained stiff. Some looks were OK but usually it's the majority that's a highlight whilst 1 or 2 are bloopers. Take Exhibit A, the model looks fat and she's half my size. Wearability points? None. I have to stop because I can taste the venom on my lips...However, the hair was kind of cute.
Exhibit A
What happened here?!? This is Valentino! To start with, it looked like Herve Leger pret-a-porter and why on earth would Valentino, the brand the designer himself (obviously), do that? Gone is the glamour and understated beauty; it's been replaced with sherbet coloured mummy-bandages. I was genuinely upset to discover that this is the direction Valentino will be headed in. I applauded their ready-to-wear but thought that couture would remain true to the house's history. Clearly it's out with the old and in with the new.


Sometimes, I Have Nothing On My Mind

The photo is taken from Zara's lookbook and can you guess which piece of clothing is the subject of my admiration? Yep, the leather shorts. They look great and are SO on trend of you look at the whole Chloe/Celine collection. Should I purchase these impractical beauties?